Doing what you like is freedom. Loving what you do is happiness.


The beginnings

Memaceramicart was born on 2009.

The first works have been a continuous experimentation with the clay in its infinite potentiality and versatility. The color, another significant element in ceramics, acted as a support to the material, emphasizing its shapes and styles. Color, to me, is an essential part of my work. It should complement the object, enhance its lines and emphasize its decoration.

The production.

It is from these experiments that my current works are born: design, decoration and color come together to give life to objects that try to narrate stories and feelings, experienced or dreamed. The slab building technique allows me to give that lightness so unespected in a traditional ceramic object.

The style.

Over time, my stylistic research has always focused on simple and clean lines. My shapes are distinguished by their simplicity and linearity. The sgraffito technique completes this stylistic research. The drawing and the object merge themselves creating texture and chiaroscuro effects, transmitting sensory and visual emotions.

The material

Clay is for me a wonderful material that stimulates my creativity and my curiosity. Concrete as the earth but pliable as fantasy, it lets itself be shaped by those who learn to know it. Through its potential I can give body to my ideas and my dreams.


It is this spirit of curiosity that fuels every day my passion for my work. Experimenting and the study of new processing and decorating techniques, are the ultimate goal of a professional and personal growth to be shared with everyone.

Artistic path in brief